Building on a dream

encourage the child to explore their environment

Sensory Hub Glasgow has been the ambition of Gail Macdonald its creator for a number of years the rooms were designed by Gail herself and brought to life by her talented husband.


Following a long career in childcare (Nursery Owner) and subsequently owning and running structured sensory classes for young children in the mainstream sector Gail had a desire to help children and families with sensory impairment issues overcome hurdles to being included.


Her dream, to open the Sensory Hub an environment which is inclusive, stimulating, safe and inspiring where children and their families can feel comfortable, respected and understood. 


The Sensory Hub is the realisation of her long-held ambition to develop a safe sensory space suitable for all young children, with or without additional sensory support needs. The sensory play that the Hub offers makes full use of children’s core senses, while also stimulating their movement, balance and gross motor skills and spatial awareness.

Mission Statement

The sensory hub glasgow
  • To provide an environment which is inclusive, stimulating, safe and inspiring.
  • To encourage children to experiment, problem solve, discover and explore independantly.  
  • To provide support to families enabling them to form natural supports with other families facing the similar challenges.

  Our aims are:

  • To support families. 
  • Improve the child’s social, educational experiences
  • Build resilience, confidence and self-worth in children and adults
  • Strengthen family relationships and help parents to feel more supportive, capable and responsible.

By meeting these aims we work towards positive outcomes for family relationships, more positive school and nursery experiences, whilst increasing resilience to deal with life’s challenges.



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