The Sensory Hub Glasgow CIC is an inclusive, stimulating and safe space.




The “Hub” is a sensory rich environment which is inclusive and inspiring, a space where children can explore, investigate and discover for themselves. 

Sensory Development begins during gestation and continues throughout childhood. There are seven sensory processes: taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing, body position (proprioception) and movement (vestibular).

All of the above can be utilised in a visit to the Sensory Hub, taste being kept out with the sensory rooms themselves but you are welcome to bring a snack to enjoy in our indoor picnic space. 

The Sensory Hub space is specially designed to allow family members/carers to ‘play’ alongside their children. Using senses to enjoy the world around them. This  will improve  health, wellbeing and attachment for all members of the family.


The Sensory Hub provides a safe, stimulating space which supports the educational / cognitive / communication needs of our customers including those with additional support needs. It offers the 

As we develop and grow, the Sensory Hub will look to hosting an increasingly exciting mix of ‘Stay and Play’ sessions, staff led activities, small group sensory sessions and networking opportunities.

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The Sensory Hub Glasgow is an inclusive